Managerial and Leadership Programs
Managerial & Leadership Programs
Managerial & Leadership Programs

To manage others effectively, lawyers need to approach their work with a leadership mindset and to develop specific managerial and leadership skills. These programs focus on both mindset and skills. Based on research into what actually works in law firms, they are highly interactive, using vignettes and simulations to engage their audiences in thinking through how to lead and manage in a variety of common situations.

Leading and Managing Professionals

This half-day program, which can be adapted to different seniority levels, helps lawyers to:

  • Understand their own managerial style and how it affects others
  • Challenge and motivate others to do their best work
  • Adapt their managerial methods to differing circumstances
  • Develop some simple but high-value managerial habits

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Effective Coaching and Feedback

For lawyers whose success depends on the work of those they manage, a little time devoted to skillful coaching, followed by effective feedback, can pay huge dividends. This half-day program shows lawyers how to draw the best work from others – without spending more time than they have to spare.

  • Nature vs. nurture: can you improve performance by how you manage?
  • Raising the bar: the power of explicit expectations
  • The one-minute coach: finding and using coaching moments
  • Making feedback effective

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Delegation and Supervision: the Basics

Designed for newer lawyers who are often managing others for the first time, this program focuses on basic supervisory skills. The participants will be able to use these skills immediately, even if they are supervising only secretaries and paralegals, but the skills also form a strong foundation as they take on more senior managerial roles. 

  • Setting the stage for effective delegation: expectations and relationships
  • Making and managing the assignment
  • Providing feedback and coaching
  • Building morale and motivation: why will people want to work with you?

In addition to teaching these managerial and leadership workshops, Steve Armstrong also helps firms design coherent, long-term approaches to developing their lawyers’ managerial and leadership skills at all levels.