Armstrong Talent Development collaborates with other leading consultants and instructors to provide a broader array of consulting and instructional services.

Firm Leader
Steve Armstrong and Tim Leishman are principals of Firm Leader, which designs customized programs for leaders and future leaders of professional services firms. Tim is Firm Leader's founder and has been advising law firms for more than a decade; previously, he was a partner at a major Canadian law firm.

Shannon & Manch
Led by Marcia Shannon and Sue Manch, Shannon & Manch provides consulting services, outplacement counseling, career planning, and training to lawyers and law firms to ensure both institutional and individual professional success.

LAWriters is a group of lawyers and writing experts who teach other lawyers, judges, and business professionals how to become more effective writers. Its principals are Timothy Terrell and John Salatti. Professor Terrell is the co-author, with Steve Armstrong, of Thinking Like a Writer: A Lawyer’s Guide to Effective Writing and Editing.