Articles and Presentations
Recent Articles
  • "Teaching Writing So It Sticks" (PDF)
    Professional Development Quarterly, May 2010
  • "It's Time for Some Attention to Partners" (PDF)
    Law Firm Partnership & Benefits Report, June 2010
  • "Developing Partners: An End to Sink-or-Swim" (PDF)
    in The Art and Science of Strategic Talent Management in Law Firms,
    general editor Terri Mottershead (Thomson Reuters/West 2010)
  • "Building Leadership Development Programs in Law Firms" (PDF)
    Professional Development Quarterly, May 2009
  • "An Interview About Professional Development Trends" (PDF)
    (An interview about professional development trends)
    Kerma Partners Quarterly 2009, Issue 1
  • The lists below do not include programs for law firms and in-house legal departments.
    Recent and Upcoming Presentations
  • Best Practices in Talent Management and Partner Development
    Lex Mundi Managing Partners Conference, June 2013
  • Beyond the Law: The Critical Skills Lawyers Need to Succeed, and How to Build Them
    ACLEA Mid-Year Conference, February 2013
  • Leveraging Yourself: The Habits of the Best Delegators, Supervisors and Motivators (with Tim Leishman)
    ALI teleseminar, February 2013
  • Developing Partners
    Lawyer Development Institute, October 2011
  • Leadership in Practice: How Law Firms Can Help Partners Develop Leadership Skills
    ALI-ABA webcast, May 2011
  • The Most Important Trends in Talent Management (with Caren Ulrich Stacy)
    NALP Annual Conference, April 2011
  • Developing Partners
    Thomson Reuters/West webinar, September 2010
  • Re-shaping the Legal Framework: Integrating Strategic Management, Leadership Development and Practice Management
    Executive Directors’ Roundtable, October 2010
  • Project Management: What It Is, Why It Matters, and How to Bring It to Your Firm (with Tim Leishman, Doug Richardson and Pam Woldow)
    Professional Development Consortium, July 2010
  • Managing Associates: Towards Performance-Based Approaches
    Lex Mundi Managing Partners Conference, June 2010
  • Turning Today’s Partners Into Tomorrow’s Stars
    Managing Partners’ Roundtable, May 2010
  • Leadership From the Start: How to Integrate Leadership Skills Into Your Associate Programs
    Professional Development Institute, December 2009
  • Partner Development
    International Bar Association Conference, October 2009
  • Developing Superior Law Firm Leaders
    • Transforming Partners into Leaders: The Path of Development
    • Leadership Programs for Practice Group Leaders”
    Lawyer Development Institute, June 2009
  • Managing Legal Talent: Best Practices in Lawyer Career Development With Marcia Shannon and Kris Butler
    ALI-ABA webcast
  • In the Wake of a Merger - The Successful Integration of Intellectual Capital
    3rd Annual Conference for Chief Recruitment and Professional Development Officers
  • Is it Time for a Different Law Firm Business Model?
    3rd National Forum on Professional Development: Emerging Strategies in the War for Talent
  • Making the Business and Human Case for Career Development
    Lawyer Development Institute 2008: Pathways to Success – Building and Supporting a Lawyer Career Development Program
  • Non-Equity Partners and Other Permanent ‘Non-Associate’ Attorneys
    4th Annual Forum on Professional Development: Managing the Talent Pipeline – New Models for Success
  • Training and Developing All the Generations in a Mobile Workforce
    Law Firm Human Capital Forum
  • Young Lawyer Development in a Challenging Economy (with Tammy Patterson)
    Virginia Bar Association Annual Meeting